Why every mother should have a camera. Pictures of Joy.

I know mothers day is far away. We´ve just finished the rush preparing a creative present for Dad. But let me tell you every mom should have a camera asap. Don´t wait till mohter´s day to get her one. Take me as an example.

Last year, by the time Amararama was born, my husband bought me a nice Panasonic Lumix FZ35 for my birthday.

The only problem was I didn´t have a clue about point and shoot cameras (and about photography in general) and three little boys tend to keep me far away from manuals… You might know already my safest and only reading opportunity  is the bathroom.

So I applied my own experiential learning philosophy and decided to learn on the go. I simply started pointing and shooting.

– At what?, you want to know.

– Well, at the three little boys, is my answer.

That was a perfect way to learn how to use my camera and to keep an eye on kids at the same time. Gradually, I understood the balance between ISO, aperture and speed and my attention was shifted towards what I saw through my lens… Surprise! I rediscovered my kids personality, their gestures and their constant intentional play. Every pic was a revelation.

After my experience every mom should have a camera because:

  • she can have great fun pointing and shooting her kids (instead of pointing and yelling at them).

We were painting pizza trays (remember?) and suddenly the older boy dessapeared. He came back a bit changed… May be on other ocassion I would have scolded him for this (the acrylic painting was not meant for skin). But he looked so great! Ok, it was a little mess and being 8 years old he could have known (should he?)… but it´s art too! Check the costume he searched to match his face!

  • she can realize not every feline on the street is a serial killer

Yes, you know I´m an exagerated mom. And a bit fearful sometimes… That´s why I tend to avoid this kind of situation. “Caressing a strange cat” is not under my safety files. But it made a nice photo. The child (AND the cat) survived and they both got the chance to share a natural expression of love.

  • she can step back and discover new dimensions of her children´s potential.

Normally I would have run to the crying toddler, depriving the elder brothers of the opportunity to care and comfort someone in distress. Is it children do not know how to help or we do not give them enough time and space to do it their way? I love the last pic. He was crying because his helmet was crashed during the play. After receiving comfort from his sibblings, he simply put it on.
I think he didn´t need to “fix” the helmet. Actually he just needed to get his emotions “fixed”.

  • Finally, every mother should have a camera because she can create precious memories of every day life

Can you discover why is he looking so mischevious and happy?

He lost his first tooth!

Oh! How pleased and radiant he was! So many times I´ve seen my children shining, swinging freely in the arms of Joy. And I remember myself thinking: “I´ll keep this picture in my heart all my life” but many of those instants faded away in everyday routine turmoil.

If you know me a bit, you´ll know I´m not precisely a consumerist mom but let me assure you my camera has made a big difference in the way I see (and remember) our family life.

2 thoughts on “Why every mother should have a camera. Pictures of Joy.

  1. ¡Qué deliciosa nota, Fer! y qué lindas fotos también…hermoso y turbulento tiempo para recordar y las fotos ayudan…¡y mucho!
    un cariñoso abrazo para vos


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