In defense of the comfort zone. A decade debunking my most frightening myth

The day I saw Janet Lansbury had featured my little blog hut in her magnanimous web site I stopped writing.

I stopped all together, for ten years.

Not because I admire her all way to heaven and back (which I so much do).

Not because her awesome audience would discover me, by millions.

And not because I could succeed. Quite the opposite.

Being successful, valued by a large community or recognized by one of my all-times-most-super-hero-woman feels just too fine. So I stopped writing to keep myself out of that: my comfortable zone. We´re trained to stay uncomfortable.

Out of the desire to stimulate us, we are forced to sit when we are ready to roll on our backs, forced to walk when we were ready to crawl. Forced to run when we were ready to happily stumble around.

Yes. Run baby. Run.

Run to win the competition for the last swing in the park. Run for breakfast and the school bus, run for academics. Run for friends, run for sex. Run for diplomas and MBA´s. Run for work and breastfeeding babies at the same time. Run for success, baby. Run. Don´t feel cozy. You´ll be dangerously late. Feeling comfortably slow will leave you behind.

We are early-educated to mistrust our feeling comfortable. We are trained into absenting ourselves from our own inner rhythm, our natural sense of presencing. We are tamed to believe uncomfortable is not just fine, it´s a must. Even our most devoted well-wishers serve this absenting mechanism in total obliviousness:

“Come on, forget your Self and the intoxicating sweetness of your fragrant chest. Forget the tender rate bit of your comforted heart. Get out your comfort zone”.

Do not mistake comfort by stagnant. The first offers true satisfaction and ignites humans to shine (litterally, billions of neurons are born bright when feeling in comfortable plenitude). But we have been stagnant-running after the mirage of success and competition, killing our own inner light (true: under stress neuronal connections starve and die). Stagnant is the cause for consumerism and it´s smoke promises: “Run to happiness”, it whispers, “run for the next partner, the next achievement, the next pay rise”. Stagnant takes us to repeat ourselves in such a high speed we don´t even realize we´re spinning like a top. In the same spot. Uncomfortable. Our entire lives.

Shouting from the top roof of this tiny mustard-baobab-seed-blog-hut I say:

“Innocent and devoted well-wishers, enough is enough. I won´t run. I won´t go out of my comfort zone and won´t misguide no kit or adult through that path. I´ve decided to become unstoppable in being brilliantly comfortable in all my might”.

Fallen on my knees, I´ll become a new seed. A mustard one. Or let it better be a baobab. Ready to finally feel comfortable and shine.

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