Social Media Reflection. InNaPoWriMo Day 19.

my mom, the best follower you can ever getThe day has come

when I got more likes

from strangers


my little greenhouse

than from my own mom.

My stats are raising

my hands start shaking

Ricky Astley

reveals my age and

it will take a strong, strong (wo)man

to ever let my mom go.

Let Facebook aching

let twitter breaking

I owe my public

but time has come

I’m thinking to leave you alone

reading this poem now.

She is

my favorite fan

I’m sorry folks

but I’ll let you go

I’ll close my browser

and you know, you know

you know

I’ll call her

before I let the dark night go.

One doubt… here comes the sun

We are in the car, the 5 of us.

My husband and I are in a bad mood, it is late and we have to do a lot of errands.

Kids bear with us.

There is 90% possibilities of emotional storm in our family weather forecast.

Suddenly, from the back a little voice arrives (the very same that was mentioned here).

– I have one doubt, is it possible for a kid to be allergic to adults?

The sky clears all of a sudden. The sun shines bright within the car.

Impossible not to laugh.