Featuring new fireworks tradition on July 3 – A Review, in Gratitude

I´m happy as a dog with two tails. (Get ready, this post has lots of Spanish idioms)

My baby blog AMARARAMA is turning 1 year old this week!

It has been an incredible time. I met awesome people, I made friends, I exchanged life stories, thoughts and valuable experiencies. I found a safe place where to express my deep, true self.

The first time I got a comment I laughed and cried at the same time. (You know I´m an exagerated girl).

The first time someone suscribed to this blog I “jumped on one leg” (meaning: “salté en una pata”. That´s something we do when we´re really happy).

The first time a reader shared one of my posts in Facebook and Twitter I was exultant.

Every single time, I experienced a beautiful sense of happiness. That´s why I want to thank you all dear readers. For your presence, generosity and forbearance wanting to read me despite my clumsy English. I want to express my gratitude to all of you. For knowing you´re on the other side of my keyboard makes my life brighter.

As a little present, I share here my very first post, which most of you probably never saw. At that point we hadn´t met each other yet.

This is how AMARARAMA was born on July 3, 2010:

Hi there, you charming, worldwide English speaking folks.

I started blogging in Spanish on 2nd. January for the first time ever in my life and today I´m rejoicing to see the birth of AMARARAMA, my 9th. blog only available in English (please forgive me Sra. Lopez, I didn´t mean to make you sad).

You probably know how it gets: one blog for my interests, my first baby-blog only 6 months old. One for my husband´s interests (I figured out how to manage WordPress general dashboard and he takes loving advantage of that wonderful knowledge), one for my mother´s interests (no comments, please), one for my son´s interests… Oh dear! Is everyone in this family wanting to have a blog and honour me as main administrator?. Yes! The list goes on till today, when the family circle of life was completed and it came back… to me!

So this is AMARARAMA, where the end meets a new beggining. And I´m willing to celebrate it in English, for this is precisely what my recently discovered blogging mind has been interested on for a few weeks. I started reading some Freshly Pressed posts, then I dared to comment some that I found particularly moving. Then I posted an answer on Plinky and I won 1 follower! This really helped.

Let me be totally honest. Many posts in Spanish are really great (sorry I didn´t promise to be humble) but they will never ever, ever become freshly pressed. I think some of them deserve the chance to be considered as the best of 278,907 bloggers,249,836 new posts, 328,251comments, & 60,110,761 words of today, though.  And not only mine, or my family´s. I mean, all other beautifully written and photographed non-english-speaking-wordpress-blogs. So here I am, longing to become featured by you dear WordPress, writing in English as good as it gets:  I´d rather ask you to excuse my English than to excuse my French!

This idea of Exclusive-English-Freshly-Pressed-is-the-best-of-wordpress has been long enough in my mind, chasing for a chance to have something good to say and start writting in English. That´s precisely what happened today.

May I request you to wish me a happy independence day. Not that I´m hastingly running into anticipation for July the 4th. Nor am I thinking of revolutionary issues of any kind. It´s just my little toddler is becoming a boy, ready for KG.  He´s got a mind on his own and today he declared total independence from toddlerhood. First of all, he decided to wear his older brother´s School T-shirt. That was cute but he went for more.

Rick the Stick, I also believe that children are our future. And they are constantly moving forward towards it!

I agree with you, Rick the Stick, he´s always going for more so it´s a real challenge to catch his angel face in focus… specially because when I shoot he already turned round and left! I don´t deserve to be called your apprentice! I´ll keep practising your tips, though.

Next thing in the morning was putting his own shoe on.

Only All Knowing Deities and him knew the missing sock was there!

How on earth am I going to put my foot in there?

Boy, this is tougher than I thought…

Giant baby steps…

almost there…

I proudly did it!

You see what I mean? He´s getting good practical education thanks to good heuristic methods.  I´m sure Leeaving Trails would agree with me.

My little boy is growing so fast! He is building his confidence, he´s fnding his own way through, he´s ready for infinity and beyond. He just needs next challenge to meet him… what could it be?

Maybe a Chess Championship…

Maybe he´s ready for College!

Dear! I don´t want to see Toy Story 3 either!! My baby is ready for College! He´ll be leaving home so soon!

Mhh hmm… maybe he´s not leaving for College yet!

Now, what is he doing? Piling up towers, black queen and pawn?!

Firewoks here please! Celebrate good times, come on!

My baby will be with us for…

let´s say… minimum 18 years more…

Phew! That was close!

5 thoughts on “Featuring new fireworks tradition on July 3 – A Review, in Gratitude

  1. janetlansbury says:

    You and your family are a gift to the world, online and otherwise. So wise and beautiful you are! I’m proud to be one of those people who comments, shares and recommends you whenever and wherever I can. You have all my love and encouragement.

    Here’s to another wonderful year… Yippee! Cheers! Ole!


    • fermaria says:

      Thank you dear Janet! I know I have your encouragement and that´s one of the things that gave me the courage to continue writing. Thank you so much for your friendship! Your comment is so sweet and cheerful… Just a word on Spanish expressions. We, Argentineans, don´t say Ole, ever (haha!). We are more known for saying “che” which is a sort of obsessive way of appealing your interlocutor attention calling him “you” every few sentences. Something like: Che, dear Janet, thank you so much for your words che! Che, I know I have your encouragement. Thanks che. and so on!
      I love your Spanish, amiga!


    • fermaria says:

      Thank you! Yes, the sequence is wonderful and I suspect there have been many other sequences running unattended in front of my eyes. El año pasado mi marido me regaló una linda cámara de fotos para mi cumpleaños y desde entonces, entretenida fotografiando, descubrí un nuevo mundo de mi pequeño, ¡tan lleno de iniciativa!


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