Pay heed to advice vs. common sense. Non-advising movement foundation

“Keep it”. That´s the best piece of advice I ever received.

It enourages my inquiring mind and sponsors my common sense, you see?

Every time I have to make a decision I think: shall I keep it, shall I not? (sounds like a song… mhhmm “I’ve got a right to be wrong. My mistakes will make me strong”).

See how this advise moulds my mind:

Shall I keep old jeans that don´t fit me anymore?

Shall I keep eating boston cream pie though new jeans don´t fit me either?

Shall I keep encouraging my 8 years old boy to use fork instead of fingers?

Shall I keep my dog, my husband, my house, my job? Shall I keep myself?

(Yes, sometimes I even wonder what if I would let loose and completely release my Self from myself. I´ve read it´s a luminous experience… I think I´ll try that after finishing my boston cream and this post.)

But above, beyond and most of all, I wonder if I shall keep advising others about what to do, about what´s right and what´s wrong (do I really know?).

When giving advice is on the mire, I suspect the best thing I can keep is my silence. When I feel tempted to give someone else a “good piece of advice”, I´ll repeat to myself: “keep it, keep it”.

Then I´ll be setting the Foundation Stone for the Non-advising movement in my soul. That might help to keep friendship, to keep silence and to release my Self. Nice, uh?

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