(sort of) Kennings Glossary by a Toddler and his Mother. InNaPoWriMo Day 13

play_activity_18closet-drawer: transferring time

toilet paper-pyramid: boy this is mine!


fascination-monster: garbage truck

saucepan-spoon: what a great drum!


crumble-bun: fine motor skills

hypnosis-circles: stroller wheels


nature-symphony: best music player

onion-peel: translucent layer


sandal-sole: chewing device

ice-cream-shop: I run so nice!


daily life-thing: I get creative

battery-operated: makes me so passive


window-palette: a subtle rainbow

lightswitch-click: to you I bow!


heaven-portal: that’s the front door

biscuit-jar:  my ultimate goal


eyes-light: my little child

bed-time: dream sweet and mild

future-insight: until the blessings of a new day

respect-parenting: rewards you with uninterrupted free-play


(wait… what is a kenning?)

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