The hidden child. Let’s talk about autism to children. InNaPoWriMo Day 6.

Click here to get the full version of this beautifully illustrated poem for children in PDF for just $2.30. English & Spanish Bilingual e-book. Length 12 pages.

There’s no me. I’m not here. They are wondering…
Where is the boy?,
A thousand times they call a name that’s not mine.
I am hidden.
I am very good at staying still where I am.
There’s no me. I’m not here. They are searching…
Where is the boy?
They caress me a thousand times.
But I’m the furniture,
I’m the chair, the table, the living-room lamp.
soy un leon ahora si
© Illustration Patricia Fitti (Argentina)
There’s no me. I’m not here. They are asking…
Where is the boy?
They hug me a thousand times.
But I am a lion, a bird I am.
I run fast, fly high, I’m also very good at that.

© Illustration Patricia Fitti (Argentina)

Now I am cold, I am sleepy.
My mother sings a name, a name she knows is mine.
Where is my mum?
When I leave my stash my mother is waiting for me.
We name each other, we cherish, we hug a thousand times.
My mother is right here, by my side.
© Fernanda Raiti for texts. fernandaraiti @ gmail . com
© Patricia Fitti for illustration. patriciafitti @ fibertel . com . ar

Get the beautifully  illustrated e-book bilingual version here for just $2.30

I never thought about amararama as a place where to sell anything. I still don’t do so (what I said in Mirror, oh mirror was just a joke).

But this amazing poetry week drove me back to a project that is very dear to my heart: to publish The Orders of Love for Children Collection. Based on Bert Hellinger’s highly inspiring vision, I wrote over 10 stories and poems that will help children to understand their family systems as a the best place where they can experience belonging, give and receive in balance and be recognized for whom they are and for their right to hold a proper place in their families. Some of these writings, as The Hidden Child, The Enormous Child and The Invisible Child offer a renewed and compassionate perspective about the interruption of the natural flow of love in a family system and how it can be restored through a healing vision and healing words.

Artist Patricia Fitti shared part of this dream and she illustrated The Hidden Child for me. Get the full version of this beautifully illustrated poem in PDF format here at Gumroad (a wonderful place where to sell your self published e-books, by the way). It will help you talking about autism to young children in a simple and effective way and you will be supporting independent writers and illustrators. It is an English & Spanish Bilingual Version and it is best viewed setting Adobe Reader‘s Page Display in Two Page View function.

Thank you!!

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