My dream. InNaPoWriMo Day 1

Wendy Kaveney wrangler waving lassoI  woke up and I was still dreaming

of a horse, a wrangler,

a lace vibrating infinity in the air.

Towards a new beginning

the awakening sunset embraced me,

a subtle golden blanket

made of dust, made of light,

two wings that set me free.

Behind my pen-horse

a barren land-paper is enlightened,

reaping the wheat of life,

giving birth to the unknown,

an unexplored horizon is still awaiting

for true Word Seeds.

(photo credit: Wendy Kaveney –



My husband read Pride, no Prejudice last week and praised me for my courage writing poetry in English.

I blush when he praises me. Pretty much.

So I’m intending to really impress him writing 30 poems in 30 days (or just grab old ones and publish them, like the one above).

That means I’m in for NaPoWriMo!

Wait… Na stands for National. You know I’m not in the US.

I got it! InNaPoWriMo. That is what I’ll be doing this April.

“In” does not stand for International. It stands for Intentionally.

“Na” does not stand for National. It stands for “Nabbing my husband’s flattery” using the Poetry Writing Month.

Wish me luck.

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