The hug. A postcard


The other day I was listening to a mother of a 2 years old sweet boy who was playing sitting by her side. She was telling me about her pregnancy and her child´s personality. Out of respect I looked at him and said softly:

– Now mom is speaking of you. I know you´re listening. You´re free to express whatever you need.

This little boy doesn´t say a word yet (at least not in Spanish, very surprisingly he says “ball”, “jake” and “car” in English!) and the mother mentioned that point a few times. In the meanwhile, her child started rolling on the carpet, creating a “wave sensation” wiht his own body rolling away from mom, rolling back to her. The kind of “Fort/Da!” concept was incarnated in his own body. Every movement made sense and responded to what his mother was saying. Then the mother made an awesome statement:

– There is one thing I knew in this life and that is I wanted to become a mom and have children. That was my deepest desire.

Suddenly the boy stopped rolling back and forth, stood up, run as fast as his little legs allowed him and jumped on his mother lap, hugging her…

Little arms, tiny hands, clear mind, generous love hugging truly, unconditionally, in full surrender.

The mother became still, received her child hugging him back and they became One Soul.

I had the fortune to witness the magic.

Did I mention the child does not speak? I correct myself. He silently speaks in the universal language of the heart.

What do you feel when reading this story? Share your comments!

8 thoughts on “The hug. A postcard

    • fermaria says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and post your comment. I took a look at your blog and I found your Maa post really beautiful. It is the perfect complementary to mine!
      By the way I love India and every time I´m there I feel I´m at home 🙂


  1. Qué ternura…! Tal vez es lo mejor de ser mamá, recibir eso tan puro, ese ‘te quiero mucho’ sin palabras, sólo con un gesto lleno de amor…gracias por compartir un momento tan hermoso.


    • fermaria says:

      So true, it was a wonderful instant that lasted an eternity. I´m still smiling remembering it.

      ¿verdad que sí? ¡Qué ternura! Fue un momento maravilloso que duró una eternidad y me dejó una sonrisa dibujada en la cara toda la semana.


  2. Fernanda J. F. Monteiro says:

    Just found your blog, through some comments you made and Janet Lansbury’d blog. Got curious as we have the same name, but I’m Brazilian. Couldn’t let to write I was in tears reading this post. Being a mom has always been my only certainty in my life. I really share the feelings of that mother. I’ll be around here too from now on. Thanks. Fernanda Monteiro


    • Lic. María Raiti says:

      Thank you Fernanda for your comment! Funny we write in English to each other, haha! But I wouldn t dare to write in Portuguese! So beautiful to have a single certainty in life: being a mom… so beautiful! Thank you! Love, Fer


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