Nine last minute craft ideas for desperate mothers on father´s day.

photo courtesy of  “Julieta y Andrés a través del espejo”

General materials
– Finger Paint safe for baby. Get a homemade recipe here.

– Brushes.

– White Cardboard, Wood, Oil Burner, Lamp Shade or Fabric (depending on the project).

– Staining mood.

The Game

Offer a big white cardboard (or the support of your choice) and finger paint to baby and allow him to explore the mateiral using his fingers and brushes . It´s beautiful to observe what he does and how he discovers the printing of the colour on the canvas.

The idea here is not about getting upset because baby painted grandma´s furniture or he cleaned his hands on his best t-shirt. To avoid the inconvenience dress both of you in old, comfortable clothes and choose an ample easy to clean, stable support (for me there´s nothing best than the floor). We can explain him we are going to make a present for dad while he enjoys exploring the material.

Once baby had enough and enjoyed sliding his fingers all around the cardboard he´ll crawl away to the next destination at home (may be a drawer or the nearby closet). Making sure he´s in the safe play area, we have now some time for our craft. The only thing you need to know, is what you´re going to use the art work for.

Here are 9 ideas, depending on the father´s personality:

1. Sports dad. Let baby paint a running t-shirt and a towel so he takes a shower as soon as possible when he´s back.

2. Cooking Dad. An apron and a chopping board to decorate the kitchen wall. Warning: to ask him to prepare dinner tonight might be too much.

3. Repairman Dad. A wooden key chain. Add a little notice “¡Hey! Here are the *%¿¿# misplaced keys” (I had one of those at home when I was a kid and I still laugh when I remember it).

4. Creative scientific dad. A pencil case and a notepad with 999 blank pages to write down every important idea… and the shopping list.

5. Mystic dad. An oil burner (get it white and let the baby paint it) and a fabric fold for the I Ching.

6. Long hair dad. A case for his own revitalizing conditioner and shampoo… even though we sometimes use his razor (there´s no need to mention that).

7. Short hair dad. A cap. It´s also useful for bald-headed dad but there should be no intention to offend, in order to avoid adverse side effects.

8. Cyber dad. An old mouse pad folded with baby´s art work fabric.

9. Reader dad. ¿A bookmark? Could be, but no! Paint a white reading lampshade. You´ll fill with color his well earned time for a pleasant reading, weather there´s chaos or not around him (kids awake or asleep). If there´s something babies like doing is turning on and off the light switch. I read once that instead of screaming “NOOOOOOO, doooon´t touch!!”, is much better to give them a different safe option to explore, for example, the lamp shade, which is not dangerous.

For having read all way down I prepared this little gift for you, wonderful mothers that allow your babies to get dirty fingers while painting.

This awesome art works were painted by Mario Mariotti, as you can see in the signature below.
I´m sure mamma Mariotti allowed him to get dirty fingers when he was a baby too!

Did you see the pencil?

We might have many reasons for making a present to our kid´s father. One really important is precisely because he is their father. That´s why one day is not enough to celebrate. If you don´t make it today, you might want to do it any other time. Observe your baby, relax and enjoy while you are doing it!

3 thoughts on “Nine last minute craft ideas for desperate mothers on father´s day.

    • fermaria says:

      Esa era la idea! Yo misma he encontrado que la mejor manera de llevar adelante las dificultades y desafíos que me representa la crianza es riéndome de mí misma! Gracias por dejar tu comentario, muchos cariños y contame cómo te va si usás una idea (salvo si es la idea de usar el rasurador del marido, esa conviene dejarla en privado!!)


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