Rebel or zen aspirant? A 3 years old life adventures.

Hum! Our little self directed player started kindergarten two months ago. He was longing for it. His older brothers attend school and he wanted to join eagerly (once again, excuse my colonial English). That was his ultimate goal.

We have the joy to now his teacher really well since the other boys also had the luck to start kindergarten guided by her loving and clear expertise. We appreciate and trust her and the teaching team.

Now, the thing is our little “gentleman”, who knows very well about the joy derived from free play, seems to be undergoing some rare transformation in Kindergarten. “He is in a rebel attitude”, the teacher told me the other day, “he only wants to do what he wants to do”.

Yes, I noticed that too. The difference is I appreciate his initiative sincerely and I´ve become a much more relaxed mom since I discovered he didn´t need me to organize his games. I just had to step back and enjoy observing how his own creative play unfolds in front of my eyes.

Please don´t missunderstand me. We really love this Kindergarten, it´s play oriented and applies a human values educational program which is simply great. The thing is “play routines” here depend on the adult´s criteria rather than the child´s spontaneous curiosity or impulse. The kind of “now we do this, now we do that” decision is not anymore under the realm of his freewill.

When I ask him how he´s feeling about it, then he says: “when I play, I play”, “when I´m angry, I´m angry”, “when I finish, I finish”.

Oh! How deeply immersed in present time is his consciousness. Here and Now, pure Eternal Present.

And I wonder… How can we softly introduce him into the realm of Rules and Time?

One thought on “Rebel or zen aspirant? A 3 years old life adventures.

  1. Una pregunta sin respuesta, querida Fer…¡porque nosotros tenemos que aplicar lo que él sabiamente ya practica! ¡Qué desafío! Es como un koan…es definitivamente un maestro Zen.


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