No colorblind test. It´s a humble Love Card.

We did this card for Father´s Day last year. Thank God kids did not want to use it as a Frisbee since it was the only present we had! It says “I love Dad” in lime green and the background is in yellowish orange & red.

Kids painted using watercolors, cut in stripes and then in squares. I pasted the whole thing using carpenter glue on a thick cardboard (I thought they´d love the pasting part but they didn´t even want to think about it).

After finishing I took a look at our present from a distance and I could hardly differentiate the background from the figure. Since I´m not feeling like going to oculist, I convinced my self this difficulty was due to the use of a common color for both: yellow. I love yellow, I couldn´t help it. Anyway you could choose plain colors for a better contrast if you try this project.

I´m sharing this to show Kristin at Intrepid Murmurings how she can do a Frisbee with her kids, since pizzas over there only come in square boxes and massively eating pizzas to export the trays is not going to do any good to our health.

By the way, don´t be surprised if after finishing your art, kids resist to throw it up in the air.

– No way, mom! This is not a Frisbee. We want to hang it on the wall.

You know. Divergent creativity works like that.

2 thoughts on “No colorblind test. It´s a humble Love Card.

  1. Thank you!!!! This is gorgeous and so sweet. A love card, a love frisbee…either one works for me!

    This is also cool because many many years ago I went through a phase of cutting up my own watercolor paintings (in a grid) and rearranging them in a different order. Very similar, actually! I might have to do that with my kids, too!


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