The art of observation

this is just the beginning
I prepared this post to share with Dr. Agnes Szanto-Feder after her inspiring visit to our country.

She conferenced on Contributions to pedagogy, pediatrics and psychology by Dr. Emmi Pickler and Loczy Institute organized by the Argentinean Early Childhood Society (SAPI).

Towards the afternoon, she delighted us with videos and photographs of babies at Loczy, the amazing Hungarian home for babies. Amongst many other interesting topics, she emphasized the importance of observation. Caregivers, teachers, medical doctors and parents can appreciate the richness and creativity when attentively observing babies free, safe and uninterrupted activities.

What am I observing? What for am I observing? Why am I observing? What´s interesting about what I observe? What can I do with this information?, would she ask. Slide after slide during her presentation I couldn´t help to remember my own children, their little hands when they were babies, their facial gestures, their beauty and harmony when playing and conquering little by little the inner and outer world…

My mother, my sister and my brother are photographers and quite often they take my kids as spontaneous models. Here and then, I give a loving look at those albums, remembering my babies. Today I want to share some of those pictures, particularly the ones that illustrate the points Dr. Agnes Szanto-Feder stressed out. Now I can see and enjoy this memories under a new perspective.
Babies and toddlers engaged in their self promoted movements and games can be fascinating for those adults ready to observe in respectful silence and supporting love. This art of observation confers a great delight to the witness.

Click on the first thumbnail to open the gallery and enjoy!

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