Dear WordPress Santa

Hi you charming blogging software! We need to talk.  It´s not you, it´s me.

But I need you to change.

I met you one year ago, when I almost did not know what a blog was. Rearing three little boys, working as a teacher and as household did not leave time left for such luxury.

Quitting my job on March 2010 has been one of the most difficult (and yet great) decisions in my life. I became a stay at home mom and I was really happy about it. But I also needed to keep in touch with my interests, with my profession and my passions.

I found you, dear WordPress, to be a great tool to find that balance.

Starting my own blogs was just the beginning (about children birthdays celebrations, about education in human values, about children litterature, about solidarity, about family life and creativity). One day I discovered Freshly Pressed posts and I found enough motivation to start my own blog in English: amararama.

And I was loving it all. Really. Writing and reading is one of my life passions. And doing it beyond any boundary was amazing.

Then school was over (we have summer holidays right now) and I realized my balance was getting lost. Quite often my body was at home, but my mind was far away, writing, editing, uploading images, answering comments while my kids where complaining they wanted to be with me. So I decided to stop blogging as much and as often as I did before.

Now I write a post here and then in some of my blogs, when free time and inspiration meet in a magical conjunction of events. Which is not that often, though. So I started feeling a bit frustrated and I found my self blaming you, dear WordPress. I know finding external reasons for personal frustration is a favorite technique to avoid facing your own need for change. I know I could change, yes. I could close most of my blogs, for example. But since you are a software and I´m a creative mom, writer and educator desperately wanting to blog I´d deeply appreciate your good will and your cooperation so I don´t have to do that.

I know I come a bit late for a Xmas letter, but let´s just pretend you become some sort of Santa and surprise me placing the following presents under the holy tree of my creativity. I´ve been a good blogging girl for a full year and I think I deserve this:

Please enable direct access to all my multimedia files from any of my blogs, not only from the blog I used to upload the files initially. I like using my own photos and many a time they are useful to illustrate completely different articles in my various blogs. Since my user name and my account are the same, why not allowing me to grab images and files from an “account media library” instead of uploading the whole thing again from my PC? This would definitely save a lot of space to you too. Just think about it.

Please enable faster linking options for comments: some of my blogs, particularly Pedí3Deseos and La Casa Naranja have a good deal of discussion. Mothers and families ask lots of questions and I really like giving them good answers, helping them rediscovering the deep meaning of celebrations and a simpler and truer way to rear children beyond consumerism and social imposed stereotypes. I do have a FAQ section but they are lazy, you see? They simply ask the same question again. And being a polite person I tend to answer when people ask me a question. So please  allow direct access to links, direct linking to older posts and direct access to the multimedia files folder in comments feature, instead of asking me to find the URL of the image, the previous post or link.

Please help me finding great blogs in my own language creating a Freshly Pressed Home Page section for other languages, particularly for those languages you already have as an option to use in our dashboards and as an option for WordPress home page. And even if you want to see it that way, for languages which are massively spoken in the States. Bingo! Spanish is Nr. 1 on that list! I spend a lot of time surfing the Spanish tags cloud and no way! I cannot find as easily as in the English version those great posts I know are hidden somewhere in the WordPressish-Spanish-Blogosphere. So I end up subscribing to English blogs (wow! really amazing blogs I must say) because you make them available for me. Give all world citizens who use and love WordPress the chance to enrich their blogging experience reading great posts in their own language! And I wouldn´t mind if you start by Spanish (I think I mentioned this already?).

Please, please, please, dear WordPress Santa, make me not fall asleep at 8 pm when my kids go to bed so I can blog a bit more every day. Ok, I know this might be too much even for you, oh! Almighty Software Wish Granter. But may be not. Who knows. If you can fulfill my other wishes, maybe you can do something for this one too. There´s nothing to loose. Just in case, I dare to ask.

Thanking your for considering my requests I must say farewell. Muppets from Space is over and I´ll leave you now to go and play with my boys some “animal basketball” (I´ll let you know about this new game soon).

For a blogging community that celebrates diversity, warmly yours,


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