Taran! Game

Today I present you another great game that emerged from the endless creativity source surrounding me: my kids!

This time, we have being watching Cirque du Soleil videos and my little men got immediatly body-involved with what they saw. To my surprise, they turned sofas into jumping boards and pommel horses and home library into scaffolding gymnastic set. Mhmm… Their initiative to play circus was great, no one could deny that. Problem was this was not quite what I expected them to do with our home furniture. How to channel their will to play and save our house (and themselves) from possible total destruction? Quite puzzling, right? Here´s when the Taran! game appeared to save the day.

Again, I don´t know really who thought of it. How this creative game came to life is still a mystery for me. It just happens, like in the Papparazi game. We are there, certain curiosity is there, certain unbalance is there and, plum!, a new game appears. I´m starting to believe it´s a collective construction: no owner, many enjoyers.

This one is very simple. You just need two kids to do a  fun acrobatic performance for about 10 seconds (they don´t last much more in the position) and say: Taran! Then repeat it as many times as kids want to, even get them to practice while you do other chores as cooking, reading, blogging a bit and caring for the toddler in the family who might not be ready for Taran! yet… as you will see in a near future post.

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3 thoughts on “Taran! Game

    • fermaria says:

      Dear Janet, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read and comment my posts! As I said, I was feeling a bit sad I didn´t come in touch with this wonderful understanding of babies talented developmental skills when my kids were babies and I do worry sometimes when they need me a lot to get their games ideas. I must have being doing this since they were very young… So my quest now goes for experimenting what happens with older kids if you give them the attentive but not irruptive presence to create their own games. I guess they invent games all the time, but only few of them were understood by me as such.


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