5 km to the Summit

I was born in Bariloche, Argentina. This region is beautifully sorrounded by Andes mountains, lakes and amazing nature. As a teenager, I didn´t idetify with many of my classmates activities and I found an incredible refuge in climbing mountains in small groups. Our leader (a kind 60 years old mountaineer) was always a bit lost and we would insistingly ask him under the weight of our backpacks and feeling our tired legs could walk not for much longer.

– How far are we?

Every single time, he would answer:

– 5km!

So, we kept walking even far distances through virgin woods, valleys and hillsides.

I remember feeling really tired and wondering why on earth I engaged again in this walking tour. But when we reached the summit and I was able to appreciate the immense Beauty of God´s creation, an equally immense feeling of gratitude expanded my heart and without even noticing l was still carrying my backpack I would just think:

– Oh my! I´m ready for my next climb!

This experience has been of great help for me during my life. Sometimes, when things get difficult and steep, I know there is a summit awaiting, and its worth every effort. I also know as a mountaineer that usually after you reach a summit, a higher one appears in sight. And that´s a big part of the fun!

(I wrote this post inspired in The Race, posted at http://www.thesimplelifekdl.blogspot.com/)

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