Dancing kings and speed racer girls: ready for gender educational recalls?

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Who said boys don´t like dancing? Press continuously the side arrows on the slideshow and just see how my 5 years old boy enjoys every movement. No stereotype can refrain his smile. Want to see some more? Check this dancing baby!

As a mother of three little men I wonder how many boys are given the freedom to become Dancing Kings if they want to. Maybe they wish to play with dolls or role play teachers, householders, ballet dancers and cooks. But social pressure makes them feel embarassed if they do so.

Educating for gender equality is not just a femenine issue, though girls are denied a good deal of experience too. Name it woodworking, system analists or speed racer meteor girls.

Grownup men who know how to organize family life or adult women who know how to fix dameged wheels will probably be independent, brilliant and selfreliant. And they´ll be quite attractive for the opposite sex too!

Being mothers and society so much concerned about toy hazard recalls, I believe is time to care for our children´s safety under a new perspective. I invite you to join me creating educational recalls and give children the opportunity to enjoy their inborn gifts and talents safely, overcoming gender differences.

How are we going to do it? Just post your comment adding suggestions of toys, experiencies and general activities you observe children are denied or encouraged to get involved with just because of their gender. Let us make this recall grow huge. Let us grant children the opportunity to freely and happily become what they deserve to be.

This post is part of the Moms’ 30-Minute Blog Challenge

2 thoughts on “Dancing kings and speed racer girls: ready for gender educational recalls?

  1. I came over from SteadyMom and so glad I did. What a great and thought provoking post! Gender stereotypes are so strong and embedded deeply in our culture and it is good to take time to really look at how toys are conforming or limiting children. One toy experience that comes to mind was that last year I was looking for a gender neutral etch-a-sketch and it was really hard to find. Finally found a plain red one – no characters! no princesses! no trucks! It is a toy for open creation – why put a “box” of ideas around it?


    • fermaria says:

      I´m SO GLAD you took the time to read my post and leave a comment! This year I decided to become a stay at home mama and since then writing and reading about education, motherhood and children has become a great help for me (and to keep my mental sanity even though I´m surrounded by three active, energic and a bit demanding boys!). So I started blogging in Spanish at http://www.pedis3deseos.com but I soon found the English Blogging Moms quite interesting too. So I decided to make my own experience here, in amararama. Not being English my mothertounge nor living in an English speaking country makes it a bit more challenging and entertaining. My traffic is quite low, though. Yours is my 2nd. comment ever in amararama so you made my day shine! And YES, I do agree: why put a box of ideas around our children´s creativity? Thanks for sharing that experience.
      Love, Fernanda
      Love, Fernanda.


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